Stealth Mode

The child is 3 weeks and 4 days old today.

It’s crazy how time flies.

I’ve had a mix of emotions about this day.

It’s finally my first day back at school. I went to class all of once in March. So it’s been a good month and now there’s baby too.

I have been dreading this day because that means homework actually has to happen now.

I’ve been worried about this day because the babe will be at home…without me.

I’ve been apprehensive about this day because that means homework will seriously have to be completed and I’m not entirely sure how I will fit that in between classes, feedings, cleaning the house, cooking, take care of my husband and myself, sleeping and changing diapers.

And just yesterday I found myself getting excited for school because that means I’m getting back to normal, this will be my last first day of school (only 6 weeks!!!!), and we finally get to see how this will all work out. I always enjoy a good challenge.

Today Z will be with daddy the first class when I’m gone for an hour and a half or so. And since Israel has an appointment with a client during my second class, my mom is coming over to watch the babe. I’ll be gone an hour and 50 minutes or so for that class. I’ve pumped about 6 ounces of milk just in case he needs it, but since we have yet to see if he’ll take the bottle we’ll have to see how that goes. Hopefully he’ll be pleasant or asleep for them and there won’t be too much screaming.

But we shall see! Pray for us if you think of it. I’m sure we’ll need it these next 6 weeks especially!

(sidenote: this 3 weeks of recovery and time with my husband and our new little family were quite lovely and I would highly recommend it and would have loved to have more time)

I will henceforth be in stealth mode: sneaking to class, fitting papers into spare scraps of time, reading assignments during feedings, loving on the baby while pretending to study, and stealthily accomplishing everything else on my list in such a way so that none of the other demands on my time become aware that I might be accomplishing something else.

Activating Stealth Mode. Go.

Your space.

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