Reality sets in hard.

It’s amazing how hard it is to get anything done when you have a little baby. I have a sneaking suspicion that just housework would be quite doable. But trying to throw schoolwork on top of everything else makes for difficult times and a tired momma. I’m wondering how I’ll be able to do this since writing papers is the biggest issue and that is mostly what I have to do…

Here is the list for just this week. Granted it is the busiest because of catching up and the other weeks will be somewhat quieter, but it is still overwhelming and we’ll see how I do with it all.

Today: spanish paper and groceries.
Saturday:Maay Maay, Spanish and English Readings.
Sunday: Easter! Paper topic and catch up.
Monday: spanish interview and discussion leader.
Tuesday: English paper.
Wednesday:2nd draft Spanish paper.
Thursday: linguistics midterm, hw, paper outline. ….now to actually do it.

Oh and just add cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, baby feeding diaper and changing to all that. And trying to give my husband attention.

Blah humbug.

5 more weeks!

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