Realizations of a New Momma

  • I need to keep more easy snacks around
  • Things don’t go my way quite as often as they used to (sorry, homework, can you please just grade my good intentions?)
  • Everything takes more time with a baby sleeping on your chest
  • Running might keep me sane on entirely baby-filled days
  • I need to continue pursuing my interests however I can
  • I need somone to pay me to  try all the recipes for decadent desserts and baked goods on pinterest
  • My house is ok with being messy, but the laundry is 3 times more demanding
  • Showering everyday is a must (baby spit-up is only one reason, but it is more than sufficient)
  • Washing sheets twice a week is suddenly normal (you’d think it ‘d be the diaper leaking…but again baby spit-up)
  • Washing the baby is essential. Twice a week would be great, but even just washing his face makes everyone happier.
  • Finding socks that actually stay on those tiny adorable feet is an endeavor worth the effort.
  • Cooking a meal is a big deal and it’s ok if the kitchen gets cleaned later than might be normal.
  • Napping is essential.

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