I ran today!

I went around the block (which as it turns out is exactly a mile). I walked for 6 minutes, ran for 6 minutes and then walked for 3 more minutes. I ran just a little more than half a mile.

I am slooow.

But oh it felt good! :)

I felt my shins a little and my throat felt like I was running in cold weather even though it was 70. But my muscles aren’t too tired and everything else felt good. I did feel like I was going faster, but such is life. :)

I can’t wait to keep going.

Some goals as I get back to running:

  • run on my toes
  • don’t get shin splints again
  • don’t get stress fractures again
  • don’t get them both at the same time again (yeah, not fun!)

Advice from various people:

  • running on toes: take light quick steps and find the sweet spot.
  • don’t go too fast
  • be consistent
  • don’t build up too quick

My plan thus far:

  • run for 5 minutes once this week (done)
  • run for 6 minutes twice next week!

See how I feel and go from there :)

Since I didn’t run too much the first part of my pregnancy before stopping and I wasn’t necessarily the most consistent when I wasn’t pregnant, I’ll need to start slow and listen to my body. But my goals are to increase my distance to maybe 6 or 8 miles runs ( eventually, haha) and I’d like to get my time back down into the 8’s where I was early pregnancy and eventually work my way into the 7’s.

And then I’ll have a reason to buy running clothes and shoes! Yay! I may even look for some races to enter! There’s a 5 k next saturday….hmm..well. Probably not the best idea, but I’ll get there.

One of the thoughts I had the day after Ranger was born was amusing to me: I could run a marathon in the time it took to push that baby out. I had never thought of running a marathron before that. I looked it up later and apparently a 2:30 marathon is ridiculously fast, but here’s for dreaming (maybe I could do it in 3 hours!)! Iknow going through labor has let me know how tough I am and how much I can stand. And supposedly having kids makes you faster!

And now I definitely want to be as fit as I can between pregnancies so I don’t get grounded during and I’m making sure to be my best while I can. Making the most of my time :)

It is so nice to be back!


One thought on “Running!!!

  1. Yay! Exciting! I know that even the couple of dreams I’ve had about running have been refreshing, so definitely looking forward to running for real again. Go you! :D


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