Baby bump postpartum – telling it like it is.

Written March 16th and for some reasion held back…Don’t read this if you want to stay happily ignorant of such details.

I understand. Ignorance is bliss.  (This is mostly for my records anyway)

Until it happens to you.


One thing you never really realize, outside of a subconconscious “oh, of course” type of thought, is how your stomach will look after you evict the child. You expect it to return to it’s normal size somewhat, you know stuff will be different, but you still expect something. And at first, you look down while lying on the birth bed and are extremely happy to see a flat (stretchmarked) stomach. Just as expected. Good deal. And then you stand up. Gravity is no longer with you and the bowl of jelly that is your abs/ stomach rolls out and down in such a comical and insupported fashion that you just have to laugh (and try not to focus on the fact that nothing below your waist feels as it should be). You suddenly have a belly. Smaller than the baby belly, but somewhat disconcerting because the baby is out now and what is all this?

Well. It is water retention, unused ab muscles, fat, extra stretchy skin and your still larger than usual uterus. As far as i could tell anyway.


I have good news.

It goes away! Love this. I wish I had taken a picture everyday after giving birth just to prove it. But that would have been discouraging if it didn’t go away, and at that point I wasn’t sure that I expected it to.

But it has been slowly shrinking back to normal each day (and I can see a difference each day!) it is quite encouraging. At a week my belly button is an inny again and I can wear some of my prepregnancy pants zipped and buttoned. My muscles still aren’t quite what they should be, but every day gets better and my arm muscles are great and sore thanks to my 9 lb baby. :)

My husband has been wonderful and makes sure I don’t overdo it.


April 10th, Real time update. 4.5 weeks later. Mostly gone. Abs coming back. Stretch marks less violent than before. Sweet deal. :) keep in mind recovery looks different for everyone and you’re beautiful no matter what! What’s most important is taking life easy and enjoying your baby as your life (and body) gradually become more normal.


Clothes fit and Stretch marks are fading. I’m happy.


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