Good-bye, and now say Hello

(linking up with the Gypsy Mama for five minute friday)

Good-bye fills my heart with memories of change. The moment of goodbye to my then friend and now husband, just hoping we wouldn’t lose it all.

Goodbye to old life of living in my comfort zone.
Goodbye to the language I speak.

But that goodbye was also a moment of hello.
A welcoming in of all things good and wonderful.
Hello to what God had planned all along. All I had to do was say goodbye.
It was a hello to new language, culture, people and city. Hello to living by myself and being brave.
Hello to making decisions independently.

Hello to my life now.

Goodbye brings hellos and new welcomings in.

4 thoughts on “Good-bye, and now say Hello

  1. Oh yes . . . hellos to what God had planned all along! It just takes us awhile to learn, huh?!?!?! :)

    Enjoyed reading

    (PS Your link on Gypsy Mama was misdirected . . . may want to repost it)


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