Homemade and Saving Money: Baby Wipes and Diapers

A week and a half ago I finally tried out the directions I found on Pinterest for making homemade baby wipes.

I thought I’d give them a trial run before I blogged them, but I ended up being exceedingly happy with the results :)

Here is the link:

Homemade Baby Wipes.

These wipes were easy to make and would have taken about 5 minutes except that I decided to fold the paper towels to fit in my wipes container more like traditional wipes. So for me, each box takes about 20 minutes.

I used a good sturdy paper towel. In the last eleven days I’ve used about half a roll ( or a box and a half of wipes) and I think each roll will make three boxes of wipes.

Super cheap. Just add the price of the paper towel roll to the price of two tablespoons of baby soap and one tablespoon of olive oil and compare that with the price of one small package of wipes. Kinda crazy.

The wipes turned out sturdy, soft and moist.

I like that the olive oil helps the sensitive skin to be protected from the wet. My baby does not get diaper rash anymore. It’s lovely!

I also like that I know more exactly what I’m putting on my baby’s skin and now I have no qualms about washing his face with the wipes when I need to.

And finally, I like saving money. :)

About $6.50 saved so far.


We’ve also been using cloth diapers made by my mom – Here are her directions.

We use them only at home and during the day since so far we’ve not found a non-leaking solution and we have to change his outfit almost as often as his diaper. But that’s how it goes, we might have a solution soon. We’re trying new covers this week so we’ll see!

We are saving money. Paper diapers in his size right now are about 25 cents each ( and I’ve heard they only get more expensive as your baby grows). The initial cost could be alot for most, but in the long run you save. My mom was kind and just gifted them to us as long as we pass them along to future grandbabies. Lovely :)

I’ve kept track of the number of cloth diapers we’ve used for the last couple weeks. The first week we used 30 and this last week we used 28. So we’ve NOT used 58 paper diapers in two weeks. That’s about $14.50 saved.


For a grand total of about 21 dollars saved the last two weeks. That’s 2/3 of a tank of gas OR two movie tickets OR most of a restuarant meal for two OR a new shirt at a department store OR two shirts at walmart OR 3 shirts at a thrift store OR 5 shirts at a good yardsale. You choose!

I like it!

How do you save money?

3 thoughts on “Homemade and Saving Money: Baby Wipes and Diapers

  1. Have you tried using wash cloths? I’ve been using them for years with my 5 boys’ cloth diapers, they are also very cheap and reusable. My husband, who won’t change a cloth diaper even after 14 1/2 years, will always use the wash cloth over baby wipes.


    1. So far I’m all for being able to throw away some of the mess, but maybe sometime I’ll get up the nerve to try the washclothes! :) thanks for the suggestion :)


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