Race to Robie Creek

This weekend I played shuttle for Israel when he ran the Race to Robie Creek and somehow ended up with sore muscles as well.

We left our house around 11:20. The race started at noon.

Here are my boys right before we left.


Z is ready to cheer for dad!

It was crazy hot for April at about 80 degrees. Israel didn’t want to wait for the shuttle busses since he was planning on finishing quick. So Z and I made the 35 minute drive to meet him. I was glad the babe slept instead of screaming since this was the first time I’d driven on roads with curves and hills and deer. Yes, laugh if you will. But it was also in a stick shift and I would have been less nervous at that point if I had been racing.

When we finally got there we parked on the main highway which left us about a 3/4 of a mile walk to get to the finish line. That’s where I go my sore muscles. I put my 13 and a half pound baby in our wrap style carrier and set out. As it turns out the trail to get to the road that leads to the finish line is quite steep. A random man carried my bag so I could focus on not slipping all the way done on my rear with my baby in my lap. It was exciting. Luckily on the way back up I had my husband with me. I felt like a weeny since he wasn’t even breathless going up that cliff  after running 13 miles, but I suppose being 6 weeks postpartum, carrying the 13 pound child and being out of shape I can’t really compare myself to him!


He finished strong and I cheered, took pictures, and made sure we didn’t overheat.


^ The reason for my sore muscles!




You see that cliff? That is where the car is!


Do you see it now?? :)


It was a fun day. I always find my husband’s races inspiring and I can’t wait til I can get back into everything running. :)

I’m so stoked! I entered a giveaway at Running in Boise for an entry for the See Jane Run 5k and half marathon in mid-June. Hopefully I win it! Maybe that can be my first race post-pregnancy? I’d have to go for the 5k of course. :)

And I was incredibly shocked this morning to go to one of my favorite runner blogger’s, Dorothy Beal‘s, site this morning and find that I had won her giveaway for a pair of Guide 5 Saucony running shoes. Crazy!! :)

Needless to say that made my week :)

2 thoughts on “Race to Robie Creek

  1. Good grief, what a hike! o.O You’ll be back in shape in no time. :D
    You mentioned the mid-June race and I was like, “hmmm… I wonder…” I’m clearly insane, lol.
    Also, new shoes?? SWEEET! :D That’s very cool!


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