4 random facts about this day

  1. A year ago today I was just getting back from Chile after being a continent away from my husband of 5 weeks for a month. That month took so long. And coming home was sweet.
  2. Last night my baby slept 6 hours and 45 minutes without waking up. It was crazy! The only reason he woke up when he did was because I woke him up to feed him. I didn’t feel up to dealing with a ravenous child at any moment in the wee hours of the morning. So I made him eat preemptively.  Somehow I’m not expecting him to make it a trend, but wouldn’t that be nice? :)
  3. Last night, my husband and I went on our first real date since two days before the babe was born. It was lovely, we saw the first hour and twenty minutes of a movie, drank cherry coke, ate popcorn and revelled in the “only us” of it. The babe was with his grandparents, aunts and uncles. He had fun. I raced my husband to the car. He gave me a lead and won anyways. One of these days I’m going to surprise him and win! Determination. :)
  4. It sounds like it is raining outside. I love rain. And Idaho’s bipolar weather. Because I happen to love most weather circumstances for brief periods of time.  It is spring this week. Last week it was summer. We’ll see what next week brings. :)

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