Normal multiplicity

The next part of our story started.

Mom completed paperwork as quickly as we could.

We had our homestudy done by a nice social worker.

They approved our house for another child.

My sister and I hid pennies on the floor in our room because the social worker found one somewhere else and seemed quite pleased by it. We wanted to make sure he liked our room, too.

Finally when all the paperwork was done all we could do was wait.

Mom waited by the phone. She waited and waited. Mary Mu called from South Korea.  There was a little baby boy for us. He was really small, but he was ready for a family. (I remember her name because I always connected her with Mary Moo Cow – The show Arthur’s little sister D.W watched. oh kids).

My parents got ready for their trip to Korea.

They went in July. They braved the heat, the subway system and the unfamiliar language. This was their first time in a foreign (non-bordering) country and they enjoyed it. Dad carried around the video camera, mom shopped. And when they got home we got to see the wonder of a different world. We heard the cicadas. We each had souvenirs that we kept and showed off to our friends.

And we got a baby brother.

He was adorable.

He screamed at night. I guess babies do that.

We showed him off and pulled our new sibling into our games and our little family.

When mom got the urge again, my dad was ready this time. We watched the video clip that the adoption agency sent us and dad knew that little boy belonged in our family. He named him on the spot. “Son of my right hand” a name quite suitable for the youngest son.

Our lives went on.

We made friends, traditions and memories and brought into our lives new culture, language, and foods.

It was our normal.

6 kids normal.

Multicultural normal.

Your space.

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