Closer than the horizon!


In case you have been wondering at my lack of posting, this week is finals week.

I have been forcing myself to focus all my verbal energy on the mass quantities of papers that are required of an English and Spanish double major. Hopefully you will excuse me.

I will be back in full on Thursday after 3 PM (MST).

I cannot wait! Then graduation comes on the 12th and I will officially be done with school and have two degrees with which to do whatever I please. (And yes, I did just go back to edit that sentence so as not to end it with a preposition. Don’t judge.)



(These pictures are from November when we visited family over Thanksgiving. We hiked to the top of Stone Mountain in Atlanta. I was 6ish months pregnant. I just stole them from Israel’s phone. Thus you seeing them now instead of 6 months ago. :) yup. Such is life…alright, back to verbal energy conservation mode. See you thursday!)

4 thoughts on “Closer than the horizon!

    1. My inlaws are in atlanta and alabama :) thank you! and yes I got talked into walking :) i’m borrowing my cap and gown from family and we’ll just have to figure out during/before the ceremony baby details.


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