Overalls and the Beginning of at-home mom-life

This after-school-life has left me little urge to write.

I don’t know if it’s for lack of subject matter or not needing to procrastinate as a way of life anymore. For some reason this led to a multitude of blog posts.

It could be that previous entries have relied on my overwhelmed, over-busy emotions to fuel them and now that I’m not overwhelmed and overly busy the fuel is not there. Or it’s just the result of writing four long papers in the course of a week. Who knows.

Anyway. Life is always interesting and for sure I’ll be back at the blogging for real at some point.

This is day two of no school home all day with the babe. I need to get some activities going so I get out of the house a little. Yesterday I did four loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and organized our clothes. I found out that Ranger has way more clothes than I thought (now that I got the next size up box out), including multiple pairs of adorable little overalls I can’t wait to put him in :) so fun! :) Here is today’s pair:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yesterday I started the Two Hundred Sit-ups workout plan and the Hundred Pushups plan. So far so good. My muscles are sore and I’m enjoying it :) It’s six weeks long and you do pushups and situps three times a week. Hopefully combining that with running will result in good things (ie. muscles and endurance!). The last time I tried to start running I had to stop. It was too soon for my body and combined with my school-walking/stress it was too much. Now that school’s out I’m trying again.

I’m starting up again today :) Hoping to run every other day (alternating with my situps and pushups days..) and gradually work up to longer times. Starting with about 6-8 minute runs. I’m excited to get back into fitness! :) I’m currently looking for races to sign up for and trying to decide how many (or how much money) I can do. I’d like to do a couple 5k’s, an 8k, and a 10k, but we’ll see what time, money and my body allow me.

As far as finding time goes, we’ll have to see how I can get it in. My husband is at work during the day and would rather not get up any earlier than he has to, so I can’t really run in the morning. Hopefully evenings will work better. I also messaged a group of my friends on facebook about possibly doing a park day with our babies (there are 7 of us with baby boys) and taking turns running/exercising and watching the babies. I’m looking forward to seeing if any of them are interested and if it will work out. If all else fails we will possibly have a lovely playgroup :)

So far, that is what is going on in my world.

Your space.

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