deeper living – the heart behind this voice

As I have exited the world of college students and guided thought, my place of learning has changed from that of a classroom to something less formal and less academic, but more challenging and more self-led. I am discovering the need to continue thinking deeply; processing opinions, forming mine, analyzing and seeing the differences in every little nook and cranny.

So at this time I am challenging myself to continue the deep living. Thinking more, challenging thought, forcing myself to prove and have opinions and knowledge of my own. It is important that I learn to express in written form, cohesive and coherent, the things that are important to me, my life, and my own beliefs.

So I am challenging myself to think about my world and what divides my thoughts from the masses.

I have brainstormed a list of “hard topics” that will take thought to write on. The topics that take more than just relating the latest baby news or drama in my life and adding a spritz of photos for the finishing touch – Voila! A post! (though of course there will still be plenty of that!).

I want to write more things that tell more of who I am and less of what I do. I want to share beliefs, opinions, analysis, poetry and prose. We’ll see how it goes, but you may even see a few entries that belong in a class of literature and critique of it fitting for an English major. A title that I’ve been so hesitant to claim, but has become increasingly more evident as part of who I am.

In this process of sharing my own voice, I hope you will be challenged to share yours. I hope we can be beautiful, wise, and thoughtful, even if we happen to live outside the world of academia, business, and money making. I hope a sense of deeper worth and purpose can be found through phrases written and thoughts shared. I hope value is given to each and every person entering here and reading my “hard topics” finds an invitation to live below the surface level into some place less flippant and thoughtless.

2 thoughts on “deeper living – the heart behind this voice

  1. I think it’s a good idea to put your thoughts and how you feel about things in a concrete form, but be ready for an onslaught of opinions from people from the internet. After years of blogging, I’ve been crucified (for lack of a better word) by people just “passing by” my blog and saying very rude things about my thoughts and feelings. There were times when my vulnerability made me an easy target. People tend to forget that there is a person behind the words, no matter how hard you try to portray that person. It’s still words. The anonymous callous remark that would probably never have been spoken to my face would end up crushing me. So if you venture into this new phase of your blogging, wrap yourself up in a thick skin and proceed with caution. A blog is a personal forum for purging thoughts, but it’s also going out into the vast world of the internet too. :)

    I do look forward to reading more of your thoughts, I have to say. Deep thinker that I am, I always enjoy the deep thoughts of others!


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