Five Minute Friday – Perspective

Linking up with Gypsy Mama again.


The perspective is in the telling.

The everyday telling brings the voice.

The voice tells the heart.

And when the heart comes clear we see joyous uncalculated risk-taking. But that is all just perspective.

When we leave the world we know, we enter into someone else’s and our perspective shifts. We learn things we never would have thought to think.

We bridge the gap between one multitude thinking thoughts to another multitude involved in the doing.

When we consider perspective, we leave our happy bubble of our own control and breath in new.

New thoughts, new life, new hope, new dreams.

This new leaves each of us with a different perspective. One always changing and evergrowing view of the world and each life in it, perspective.

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Perspective

  1. This is so true. Everyone we bump into helps to shape and change our perspective. I don’t often like my “happy bubble” of my own control to change but God has used others to do just that many times ;)


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