Five Minute Friday – Opportunity

This week the word is opportunity and now is the time to link up with the Gypsy Mama, write out  your five minute, no edits done thoughtwork.

Be sure to join us here and read the official rules. Also if you do write your own, leave me a link in your comments so we can share. :)

Here is mine:


Each moment when opportunity comes knocking we respond.

The change-fear kicks in.

This small heart feels the need to grow.

Leaving old, finding new, wandering in this world wondering about the welcomeness and unwelcomeness of opportunity.

In the ideal universe, we fight the fear, dig in and welcome that new thought. The one you always knew might come up new-old thought.

Wondering about that possibility to reach deeper and set the heart more firmly in the Saviour as what is known goes out the window and the only anchor is in Him.

We wonder briefly and then embrace.

Praying hard and leaning deeper in.

Opportunity is here.


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