Recent Happenings

These last few weeks since finishing school, I’ve been eating up and loving time spent with my little lad and my husband. It’s lovely to be able to sit down and just watch a movie with mu husband or lie on the bed with thr babe at nap time to ensure he gets a proper rest. The freedom is lovely. However we have been rather busy.

Currently, the babe is going back and forth between eating and having a very earnest conversation with me. It is absolutely adorable.

Yesterday, my mom threw a lovely party for six of us kids. There were 3 confirmations, 2 graduations, a birthday and one baptism. It was loads of fun visiting with family and eating too much dessert. :)

Lately, the babe and I have been going on walks, hanging out with my friends, visiting with family, napping, taking pictures, trying to keep up with laundry, cooking and cleaning and generally trying to stay busy while attempting usefulness.

A week and a half or so ago, another cousin was born and now the ranks are two on this side of the family. Ascher weighed the same as Ranger at birth: 9lbs, 4oz. He is adorable with tons of dark hair. It is fun to see them right next to each other and it will be fun to see them grow up together.


The baptism…


Ascher and Ranger

One thought on “Recent Happenings

  1. AH! Love the picture of Ascher and Ranger. It’s amazing what 2 months can do to a baby. It makes him look so huge! :) I remember when some friends of our who had their baby 3 months before we had #1. They came by after he was born and she seemed so huge next to him! :) What fun. He’s such a precious baby. Enjoy having these moments with him little!


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