Momma muscle

These warm muscles ache.

Exercise abandoned for the weekend, but they ache still.

The fibers fighting, needing rest more than anything else.

These worn muscles ache.

The baby bouncing calves.

The warm embracing arms.

The strong carrying shoulders.

Made to care for small.

These momma muscles ache.

These momma muscles pull the little one through the day with joy.

These momma muscles love the moments, tired eyes smiling.

Heartstrings left to dry,

A piece of mind changed forever.

The peace of mind changed forever.

Momma love,

Momma heart,

Momma muscle ache.

The sleep of a thousand weekends exchanged for a thousand smiles.

Perpetually tired, but perpetually blessed.

Each moment another dream.

These muscles making me a loving momma.

Your space.

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