Stuck wishing for elves

Sometimes I get stuck on the couch, my arms full of warm breathing and my heart full of wishes for a photographic memory. Because the pictures in our hearts our worth keeping close when the loved things exude cuteness and you know the moments are fleeting.

Somehow, the fleeting moments bless us mothers.

They allow us the realization that these things are temporary.

The lack of sleep will not be normal soom enough. Your house will be cleaner soon enough. And your time will be your own soon enough.

The fleeting moments give us knowledge of the speed with which these little lives will race out of our arms and our time of influence is short and to be treasured.

We are filled with the realization that though it may seem quick to us, it is a lifetime’s commitment for our smalls.

We realize the moments fly by, so we make the most of those moments. The ones with our babes, the ones with our loves, and the few and far between on our own. We master the art of packing in the learning, the enjoying and the loving on cuddles.

Of course that is in the ideal world , where our motherly minds like to dwell. Other moments are not seized with such alacrity or are seemingly missing the fleeting quality I am rambling on about. Some moments seems to go on forever. The child screams, the dinner burns, you accidentally pray for patience, or you get stuck on the couch without really taking in the goodness of the moment.

But it is all in how you look at it. That old saying can drive you crazy. It’s true though. Time goes by at the same speed. Your time changing diapers will be far outweighed by time spent in laughing pursuit of your toddler. And your time spent in pursuit of said toddler, be it deemed enjoyable or not, is infinitely exceeded by the eternal dwelling of your babe in arms.

With each moment we choose to look at through the lenses of joy and eternal value, looking for the good in each thing, we are giving positive love and encouragement to these little people in our care and investing in their future happiness.

So each day as we find ourselves seemingly stuck with our babe in our arms, we have a choice. We can sit and seethe, wondering when our world will ever be the same, or we can claim that moment for purposeful living knowing the love we show our child now makes a difference in their life and our own.

There are so many ways to make much of your time sitting. I, for one, always feel like I’m wasting my time when I’m continually jumping back and forth between facebook, pinterest, my email and google reader. Although these things provide momentary amusement, I find my stuck time can grow my spirit if I am more intentional. I have a stack of books that follow me around my house just so my time on the couch is a positive thing instead the anxiety-producing situation it could be.

I’m stuck. I read. I write. I grow. And sometimes I check Facebook and Pinterest endlessly.

Seize your moment do something that recharges your soul. Be stuck on the couch with your sleeping babe every now and then, it’s good for you both.

Sadly enough, the dishes will be there when you get up.

Personally, I wish for elves sometimes.


13 thoughts on “Stuck wishing for elves

  1. I agree with Amanda, very well said. I tell myself often that I have a choice. I’ve been trying to teach that to my kids too by calling it “personal power.”


    1. Yay, Megan, glad you’re here! How long have we been reading each others blogs, anyway? And to both of you– when you have teenagers, you’ll have elves. (With their accompanying ups and downs, just like all the rest of life!) Glad you’re finding ways to enjoy the ‘little’ time. It does go quickly.


  2. Popping over from The Parent ‘Hood link-up to say hello, welcome, and I hear you on these moments of feeling stuck and that time is so slow when we want it most to go fast.


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