My running freedom!

Yesterday we finally did it. We went to REI, examined the goods, made our selection, and bought it on craigslist for half the price. :) We got a lovely jogging stroller. It’s name is BOB. Yes, it is screaming. Okok. The brand is BOB. I’ll have to give it a proper name sometime…

Points in Bob’s favor:

  • It fits in the back of my car
  • I can now run with the child and know exactly when he needs me instead of constantly wondering if he is screaming my husband’s ear off thus allowing me to enjoy my run instead of hurrying through it.
  •  I can  run at the park instead of on the streets near our house (which will result in much less bothering and fewer stares from random strangers of the male species, but that’s another story!).
  • The stroller + baby = 43 lbs (and constantly increasing!) I shall have muscles, a will of iron, and callused hands :)
  • Running with a stroller gives you a major sense of accomplishment. :)

Today was the first trial. Ranger and I did a 15 minute run with a 5 minute walk before and after. He lasted ok  and only fussed a little as we walked back to the car and drove home. He fell asleep in his carseat as soon as I brought it inside. He proceeded to sleep while I showered and made dinner. I think he liked his stroller run or was just completely worn out from our adventuring :)

I know I enjoyed it. It was lovely to run on the greenbelt instead of at home. Something about running next to a river instead of paved roads and a steady stream of traffic is just soothing.

I liked that I was finally able to just run. My husband has been telling me that I shouldn’t worry about my pace. He says at my point in running it’s better just to put time or distance in and focus on running right. Because I had the stroller, I finally managed to let go of pace and just run, allowing myself to take it easy. It was much more peaceful.

This run my muscles got tired before my breathing went to heck. Usually it’s the other way around. Breathing is nice.

I am looking forward to continuing this trend. Hopefully the babe continues to like it :)

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