Five Minute Friday – Risk

This friday the word is Risk. You have five minutes. Go. Write. No edits,  then link up with Lisa Jo and share your unscripted brain writing (don’t forget to share a comment on the link before yours if you do! Rules are rules). Lovely lady that she is, Lisa Jo reads every single post. :) I however do not, but would love to read yours if you’ll leave a link with me :)


Risk in love.

Risk in hope.

Risk dashed down in broken heaps.

Risk exalted on the cloud of success.

We turn around in crazy circles counting risk and gain. Trying to find the course least reckless, least demanding, and most rewarding.

We wander through our circles counting quietly in our heads…this could happen here…that could happen there.  How do we consider all the possibilities?

We wonder, we wander and then the thunder comes.

God says do this thing you said you would and the risks are mine to count. You follow me. That is that. No wondering how, or what if, only straightforward (and elusive) faith.

Breathe deep.

Take a leap.


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