The listlessness of it all.

This place has been in dire need of some random lists. This one is super random in that I haven’t premeditated what I want to say in it. That should make up for the lack of lists in the last few weeks right? Haha. Anyways. Here you go. If you are ever uninspired to write a “real” post this totally counts (but that’s our little secret ok?).

The list for the second day of summer!

  • Every now and than I look at my child and completely shocked to realize he is actually mine. Yesterday I was having a ” I feel really young” day and just couldn’t help myself. Anyone else have those moments? I’m wondering if they’ll still happen when I have 3 or 5 or 10 kidlets (just throwing random numbers out, whose is it to say which number will be ours. Hopefully less than 20. I think that’d be a safe capper.)
  • I finally made myself find decaf coffee (in the very specific non-gross instant variety my husband and I are fond of). Hurray for me! It turns out coffee doesn’t need caffiene to wake me up! (I know, I’m super lucky!)
  • I’ve recently perfected the art of making a frap of sorts. I blend up my lovely decaffeinated powder with some milk, chocolate syrup and some ice until it reaches a foamy consistancy of sugary goodness. Yum! :) I’m thinking I’ll try to limit that little experience to once a week or so. Buyingnew clothes is on my list of things to dream about, not do (sadly)…and especially not in bigger sizes. The horrors! :o (that is a slightly sarcastic shocked face in case you were wondering). Example:


I know I know. It’s a gem. I should go into modeling. Yes, you’re welcome.

Where were we?? Oh yes, the list.

  • Ranger and I have successfully run every weekday since Bob entered our life. He is fantastic. Yesterday I was forced to run my fastest stroller mile ( not very hard considering my record keeping is all of a week and a half and counting.). But yes forced. It turns out an unhappy child is excellent motivation for running faster. We ran the mile back to the car in 9:30ish. Super speedy. Nothing like not wanting to be ‘that’ runner with the screaming (and obviously tortured) baby! It would seem 20 minutes is our long run so far. The child will gradually learn to like it ( he shall!)
  • I’ve been mostly keeping up with my pushup and sit up plans. If you were to count backwards you would realize I should be done with that 6 week endeavor by now. But I’m all about taking my time and Weeks five and six are to be repeated as necessary until toned-dom has occurred on my midriff ( yes, I’m scandalous. Midriff midriff midriff!)
  • No, I did not have coffee today. (Can you see why I drink decaf?? I would only speak in parenthesis (imagine!)) (I am a parenthesis closing fiend in case you can’t tell, algebra trained me well!)
  • The iPad is informing me that I should wrap up my thoughts. It claims it’s brain is tired and only has 10% of it’s life left. (what it doesn’t know is that I, tricky person that I am, have a charger cable! Bwahahah…. Ok…calm down. No need to shock the world.)
  • It’s summer!
  • I am not tan. I need to be. But my skin cells don’t need to be. Oh the dilemmas.
  • We need to work on some summertime activities. Gogogadget-camping!
  • I am finally starting to crochet a blanket for my husband (he begged for one when I made the child’s and I’ve promised him it for all the holidays since…so I think it’s about time!). It is about 5 feet by 8 inches right now ( using the airiest stitch possible I promise you!).
  • And now the child is awake so we are going to fetch some bunny food, popcorn, graham crackers and milk. Yes, that is my grocery list. And no, we do not have rabbits. The bunny food is for me and it means ‘fruits and vegetables’. Yum! I’m trying to convince myself that is a better snack than cookies and chocolates….I’ll keep you posted.

Until then: happy summer and enjoy your friday!

(5% battery remaining: I win, iPad, I win!)

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