Sitting outside in the dry dry heat of my native desertland has always been a favorite activity of mine. Somehow baking my skin for 20 minutes revives my icicle fingers from their air conditioned life of luxury and fills this western girl with peace and warmth. Just as good as sitting in front of a fire on a snowy day (or on the heat register like I used to before our home housed fire in winter).

I love summer.

I love hot summer days.

And I love going outside to warm up on the pavement when the air conditioning makes me cold.

Last summer the outdoor warmup kind of flew right past me. My pregnant self was sucking up the air conditioning with the rest of you. But this summer, I can already tell the outside warming up tradition will resume (I think apologizing to your baby for your icy fingers is a good sign it’s a little cold). I’ll also keep in mind the thermostat is mine to control (until about 4pm when I should turn it on to let the house cool off a smidge for my husband who is not quite as chilly as I continually seem to be).

Apparently I’m a reptile.

But I’m happy.

I like summer for the crazy warm (alternated with the crazy cold). I like feeling like aI opened up an oven and stepped inside for a few minutes at a time at least (those hot days in my AC-less car are not as pleasant).

I like winter for the fire places and one specific place for being warm. I like fall for the wind. I like spring for the green and the coming alive. Fall and spring are my favorite.

But this summer hot brings me joy. And my favorite flowers :)


(These pictures were taken by me on this day two years ago.)

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