My lack of adherance to the rules of “intentional blogging” and why you should love me anyway.

Recently I subscribed to 15 day series on writing tips. At the same time I signed up for a 12 week course (delivered weekly to my inbox) on intentional blogging. I thought “sure, why not? It’s free!”

The information stormed into my email, beat down my carefully constructed walls of self-worth and left me wondering why I even try. Ok, ok. Maybe it wasn’t that dramatic.


As it turns out.

It seems “intentional blogging” isn’t for me. It leaves me silent wondering how to say what I want to say, who to direct my content to, and how to sell myself as a writer. Yup. Intimidating.

I’ve decided I might revisit those ideas in about 70 years when I have everything in life figured out. Or sooner if I get really brave.

Until then, intimidation goes out the window and I’ll go back to doing what I’ve been doing. I’ll continue using up at least part of my daily quota of words aqui (do i get more words each day because I speak two languages?) so I don’t make my poor extraintroverted husband crazy with my chatiness when he returns from his job all worn out from people. (For the record, I am also an introvert, but of a much more chatty variety than my poor husband.)

Be prepared to once more be assualted by my randomness. Please try not to expect too much cohesiveness in what, how, to whom, with what, etc I write. I can’t be bothered anymore since those things leave me to fall into the abyss of silence and despair and the “no comment = no love” zone.

Ok, well, sorry for the drama.

Apparently I need to get that out of my system somehow. Otherwise it builds up and look what you get! Crazy person with a blog screaming to the masses who don’t read said blog for the screaming issue…sorry sorry. Inside voices, people.

Ok, anyways, you can expect to be blessed a little more frequently with what goes on in my head since I’ve gotten over the problem of trying to live up to the expectations I’ve imposed on myself via too much reading of the interblogosphere (that’s what my husband calls it. it has a nice ring, no?).

You’re welcome.

And yes, ily and lol’ed too.

Stay cool.

The end.

PS — to prove my point that everything is back to normal and you no longer have to wonder at my blogging reticence. Here is a random picture of my child. He is my favorite child. Don’t tell the others, please!


PPS — I didn’t get to the “why you should love me anyway” part…but I guess we can do without that part. We’ll just leave it as an obvious fact that needs no supporting evidence. Happy 5th of July!

6 thoughts on “My lack of adherance to the rules of “intentional blogging” and why you should love me anyway.

  1. Tips and rules about blogging are super confusing to me too! So is the whole don’t-be-random thing. I think the randomness is good to have until you find a theme that you want to stick to, or not!


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