It’s so hot! 10 Things to Consider when Running with a Baby

The babe and I are conducting a nap time and I decided that instead of attempting sleep or paging through thousands of pins on that dreadful timewaster, but debatably useful, site dubbed Pinterest…I should write a blog post. And look at this! Here I am for the third time this month! (how is it the 11th already?? Someone tell me.) You all should cheer and I’ll bow. Thankyouthankyou. :)

This week has been hot. Though not as hot as they keep saying it will be (I was somewhat disappointed that it was not 106 as those forecasters projected). And not as hot as it could be (summers when I was little were much hotter than they are now). Still hot.

Hot enough that I have to make a decision.. Do I run when it’s cooler or when the baby is happier?

The last couple days I opted for cooler (and then turned around to go back to the car at the first sign of unhappiness – around the 7 minute Today I opted for a happier baby and sweated it out just as much as the last couple days (though today was also cooler than the last two days).

We’ve run a mile and a half each day this week. If we were running for longer amounts of time and greater distances I think going during the coolest part of the day would be more important, but for now we have options.

Some things that have helped my stroller baby runs to be better in general:

  • Wear the right shoes! For the last year or so I’ve been wearing shoes (sold to me by a knowledgeable sales guy) that were wrong for my feet. Israel pointed this out and we went and got some marathon flat style shoes that will suit my running much better. And immediately made me faster!
  • Make sure the baby is warm enough. If his hands or nose are cold, he might need a little more to his outfit. He’ll be happier longer if he stays warm since most of his energy goes towards regulating his body temperature.
  • For the little ones, recline the seat of your stroller as far back as is comfortable. This allows the baby to relax completely instead of fighting gravity the entire time.
  • Also, make sure you have something in place to stabilize the head. I came across this completely by accident as I was trying to find a way to pad the harsh harness straps to make it more comfortable against his neck. I just wrapped a long piece of fabric around the straps going over his shoulders. First wrapping one side and then passing it behind his neck and wrapping the other side.
  • Make sure your baby isn’t hungry.
  • Decide if you’re going to run during naptime (in the hopes that they’ll sleep) or in between naps. Ranger usually needs to eat right before he sleeps and right before his happy awake time so I try to limit my running to his happy time or his sleep time so that I don’t get stuck a mile from my car with a baby who thinks he’s starving. So far running during his awake time has been just fine. I think once I work up to longer runs we may try to run during nap times just so he doesn’t get bored.

Some things I think are important when running in the heat with a baby:

  • Keep yourself hydrated. Seriously. Drink water right before you run, right after, and all day.
  • Keep baby out of the sun. If his feet/legs are showing make sure they’re covered up with light fabric so you don’t have to worry about sunburn.
  • Try not to run at the very hottest point of the day. Opt for cooler hours if the day is really hot. Be smart.
  • It seems like a good key to tell how hot is too hot would be to only run when it seems normal to you. If you are working too hard because of the heat that might be a good sign it’s too hot for baby just sitting in the stroller and you should run earlier/when it’s cooler. What do you think??

So far Ranger hasn’t had trouble with the heat when we’ve been running. We run along a tree lined river on a stretch that is geneally shady, a few degrees cooler, and somewhat more humid than the rest of the city. If we did not have that lovely path so close to us I think we would be stuck with the wee hours of the morning (Ok…maybe it’d only be 7:30 or 8, but it’s almost the same) to find cooler weather. We may still switch at some point.

For now, we are doing well with how we’re doing it. And I appreciate not getting up earlier than Ranger wants to…sleep is a good thing.


What do you all think about running with a baby on hotter days?


2 thoughts on “It’s so hot! 10 Things to Consider when Running with a Baby

    1. Haha, yeah…I’m sure there are many things you do that I couldn’t imagine :) we all have our strong moments. And really, doing anything with a baby can be a teensey difficult! Lol :)


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