This week marked the 5th week of my lovely life with the jogging stroller!

It has been pretty sweet.

This is the first time I’ve been this consistent with running sinceI played soccer when I was little!

I have run between 4 and 6 days a week since we were blessed with the contraption of running.

It definitely makes me happy. :)

I’ve also enjoyed watching myself get faster, fitter, and stronger!

I started the 5 weeks with stroller miles happening in the low 11’s. My shortest run was 6 minutes and the longest was 20 minutes. I was 7 lbs off my pre-pregnancy weight. I ran 4.5 miles that week.

Now I’m running miles consistently in the mid to high 9’s. My shortest run is 15 minutes and the longest is 33 minutes. I think I’m about 5lbs off my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m running between 7-8 miles a week.

I’m loving it.

I hate missing days. Yesterday I had a migraine and skipped. And today I was realizing how hard it is to make yourself get up and go after a day off.

Plus I just hate to ruin my streak.

A week or so ago I ran a mile with Israel he pushed the stroller behind me and I set the (slow) pace. Apparently one should only let an avid runner run behind your not so avidness if you don’t mind getting a few pointers on your gait.

He told me I need to do some hip-strengthening exercises. He needs to show me. Yup. I’m pretty sure I run a little cattywampus. In actuality I probably just look like a drunk pigeon.


Yes please, give me those hip exercises! I’m all sorts of vain and prefer not to feel self-conscious about my form as I pass people (ok, maybe they’re passing me…I guess the little old ladies with the walkers – the people I pass! – don’t really care so much).

And who knows? It’d probably make me faster. So here I come, awesome strong hips (lol?) you better look out.

Some goals other goals (besides insanely muscular hips) I would like to achieve sometime in early August.

  • Up my weekly mileage to 10-12 miles.
  • Long run of 40 minutes. (short run 20 minutes.)
  • Get my pace in the high 8’s or low 9’s.
  • Reach the point that is 2-3 lbs (but let’s be honest, 0! but I guess we’re going for doable gaols and since I’m not one for dieting…) 2-3lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Alrighty! Ready, set, race!

Your space.

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