Summer, summer :)


We just got back from a lovely few days in the mountainous regions near our home. It was lovely. And 15 degrees cooler. Awesome really. We went because Israel had a commercial shoot that required a lake and some sand. We left thursday night. The babe slept a good portion of the way there.

We stayed at a hotel – it always feels so luxurious. The empty space does it. I think the amount of stuff we have in our everyday american lives weighs us down.

The babe had a queen sized bed to himself (buffered with pillows of course) and looked ridiculously adorable all sprawled in the exact middle of the thing.

In the morning we took turns at the hotel continental breakfast while Ranger finished his night of sleeping.

We then set out for the beach.


We put our toes in the water and dipped the baby chubbed heels in the sand while Israel flurried around in the water and sand with products, flashes, a camera, and well thought out good timing.

The shallow water proved a good spot to bounce and lull the babe to sleep. And when my arms got tired we strollered our way along the rumble strip of a boardwalk for a few more minutes of lulling until Israel’s desire for near-perfection in the visually captured realm was stayed.

After, we found lunch. Then Ranger and I wandered the town, got our quota of fresh air (and sunshine! I now have sandal-lines on my feet! Ok..faint lines. Faint lines.) and attempted a nap while Israel edited his work and met his deadline.


Getting the babe to sleep enough is the most difficult part of going places, so we found our cheap hotel with the room as big as our house (we can thank the economy for that one!) and took a rest.

Ranger absolutely loves to watch and do new things. Napping is not a priority for him, but it is fun (and convenient!) to have a baby who likes to adventure as much as we do!

Later we met with a prospective client (Ranger wooed her and was promised the first dance. I think we might have a new business strategy!), got dinner and then finished out the day with some stars, the lake, some sand, and a little more creativity on israel’s part. Ranger slept right through our evening on the dark beach so the time was peaceful (though I ended up with sore arms!).

Today we had a leisurely morning of facebook, blog reading and a review of the pretty night before (Israel caught a shooting star on a long exposure!) and a breakfast of freshly ground coffee and deliciously fresh pastries from a fun little shop in town.

We drove home (ranger slept, we chatted) and are now recovering with naps for the menfolk and apparently words for this momma.

We lost a baby sock on the dark beach, left a baby blanket at our hotel, had fun family time, accomplished work, relaxed and came back with weekend to spare.

:) quite lovely :)

2 thoughts on “Summer, summer :)

  1. Hey! you are just following my blog! I’ve read a couple of your entries now. How did you find me? You have such a cute baby! Is his name Israel? That is my boyfriend’s name, what are the odds? saludos! :)


    1. Hi! Welcome! I followed a link from Amy Fulton’s blog to yours :) I like to live vicariously and love
      Chile :) i studied abroad in Santiago january-april of 2011. My husband, Israel, and I got married there. Our little boy is named Zechariah Ranger and we call him Ranger :) that’s crazy that yur boyfriend’s name is Israel. It’s a rare name. :) i like it though. :) i look forward to following your adventures! :) Saludos!


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