Five Minute Friday – Enough

On not Friday :) yes, yes, happy sunday. Linking up with the Gypsy Mama for the 5 minutes of unedited writing on the word enough.


Enough enough. How do you know when you’re doing enough?

As a wife and mother the list seems never ending. We work and work for clean space, positive moments, and glory-God-filled living.

We have our lengthy assignments for each day. We do and do, but never seem to finish everything we want to.

And yet there is a place we must stop.

And then we wonder: Am I doing enough?

Can I justify my existence and feel fulfilled in what I manage to accomplish?

We gaze longily after perfection as something unattainable but so desirable.

We wonder.

We reach a moment of unhappy conclusion with ourselves and striving and have to rely on the God of Grace to give us the worth we continually look for in our each and every accomplishment.

The moment of our enough lies in the moment where He declared that “it is finished” and we were gifted the grace of a lifetime

Striving became outdated.


God is enough.

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