My life being saved, the little things

Today I’m linking up with Sarah Bessey answering the question: what is saving your life right now. Feel free to join and share your moment of life saved with us all as well :)




Right now.

I’ve got to say it’s the little things that fill me over and help peace seep through my veins.

-the pan of granola in the oven.

-new tires on my car.

-husband hard at work providing so well for us all.

-my little’s chubby hands and content sleeping.

-running long and hard (relatively).

And then the one big thing that pulls my days together, leads my life and reminds who I am and what’s important.

The thing that keeps me sane. Saves my days. Saves my life. Quite literally.

It’s a conversation with a Saviour.

The first conversation brought us into this moment of timed eternity: Where a relationship is deepened with each word.

Eventually the moment ends and turns into the timeless eternal wonder: An existence marked by praise instead of seconds.

But for now, the thing that is saving my life is prayer.

Not the hours alone in my prayer closet (where can I sign up for one of those??)

It’s the moments where I am impatient and I beg God to help me wait.

one minute at a time.

He’ll turn me into a patient person yet (is it patience if you’re still yelling in your head?? I didn’t think so… Ok. Teach me, God.)

It’s the moments with the babe screaming all abandoned in the back seat of the car while mommy’s driving (not like a maniac, please) on the interstate praying for those screams to fall asleep.

It’s the moments where my head runs wild with worry (why does being a mother come with so much irrational fear??) and frustration and I ask for a reprieve and get it.

It’s all the little moments where God is shaping me.

Prayer by prayer.

The little moments.

Saving my life.

Teaching me I can’t save myself from anything (not even the chocolate chips! Is it sinful to put chocolate chips in granola??) and there’s only One who can.


1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

“Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

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