Five Minute Friday – Beyond

It’s friday again. Time to turn off my self-edit function for five minutes and see what happens. You can join the fun at Lisa Jo’s place!


“Above and beyond.”

My mom always told us to go above and beyond. Do our best. Clean the floor…don’t just wipe it down. Basicallu she told us and taught us to say no to the tendency to be lazy. She wanted us to grow up with strong work ethic. She wanted us to know how to get things done and make it look nice. She wanted us to be successful and able to complete things all the way.

“To infinity and beyond.”

We all know where that came from. Toy Story taught us well. Buzz Lightyear said those words so often that for me it’s impossible to think about ‘beyond’ without the ‘to infinity’ or even the whole preview for toy story playing through my mind!  I’d say that Buzz taught us that the sky’s not even the limit. Friends are important. Friends are different. Dream a little.

“Look beyond what you see.”

Think Lion King 1 1/2. It’s a great movie. That’s another quote I think of with the word beyond. Look beyond what you see. Dream a little. Think outside the box. See what happens.


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