Running Realizations

  • I have bunches of sore muscles
  • I am much less likely to get bored while running if I throw in some speed work. I’ve found things like intervals and running with negative splits to be really fun and just make the miles fly by. All two of them. Lol :)
  • I upped my long run to 4 miles! It was fantastic. It was great to do a run long enough to make my muscles feel tired! I hadn’t run that far at once since fall 2010.
  • Ranger did quite well on the long run. It ended up taking about 44 minutes. I think the key to his happiness was feeding him immediately before running. Full belly = sleepy happy baby. :)
  • This week I’ll probably hit 11 miles! W00t.
  • This is my 7th consecutive week of running. I’m thinking it’s getting closer to being a habit. Though I definitely don’t like to leave it up to chance…it just wouldn’t happen.
  • We figured out why I got my migraine two weeks ago. All that running in the hot weather combined with only drinking water majorly depleted my electrolytes! I figured it out that Saturday when I just felt strange most of the day. I felt like I needed to eat something, but I wasn’t hungry and I was craving all sorts of strang things. Things like salty crackers, beef jerky, and sprite. It finally hit me that I was craving everything Israel eats after a long run. All things electrolyte-y. So I gave in to my cravings and felt better. Now I’m being a little more proactive about getting my electrolytes and keeping them in mind if I feel weird. Yes, it was an epiphany.
  • 7 weeks til my 8k and 8 weeks til my 5k! I guess I should sign up already… :)
  • Running is good! :)

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