Five Minute Friday – Here

Friday comes and goes too quickly. Linking up with Lisa Jo for some thoughtfulness on the word ‘here’. Everybody is welcome!


Here and there have been the sum of my thoughts recently.

I’ve longed to be in the place of constant here for a while now.

I want to be here with my husband. For my husband.

Not just here but really present.

Sometimes his presence is something I really take for granted.

Cherishing is something more mindful.

It’s being here with a mind full of listening, full of loving, full of serving, full of respecting and full of giving what is needed as I am made able by the grace of God.

Being here instead of everywhere else.


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Here

  1. Great post, yes, it’s so easy to be ‘everywhere else’ isn’t it? Especially if, like me, you’ve got the ever-present iPhone clamouring for your attention.

    Thanks for your thoughts. (I’m visiting from Five Minute Friday)


  2. “I’ve longed to be in the place of constant here for a while now.” So true. We’re usually thinking, planning, dreaming, and praying to be anywhere but…beautiful reminder. Glad I found you on FMF.
    Peace and good.


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