Today, Part 2 – 7:10AM – 10:06AM 8/7/12

7:10AM: sleep and have strange dreams.

7:30ish: the child decides he needs food. Reposition. Sleep some more.

8:10AM: the child decides he’s uncomfortable. Reposition him sitting upright against my knees holding him on either side with my hands. We both sleep a little more and have more strange dreams.

9:10AM: the child is awake for the day. The daddy walks in. I ask him to take the kiddo off of me so I can get up. They play I close my eyes.

9:15AM: I open my eyes. the child has been deposited in his crib to play. The daddy is getting ready for work. I peel myself off the couch and get up. Put my contacts in. Vision is nice.

9:19AM: pull the ipad charger cord from baby’s mouth.

9:22AM: check the internet. Yup. Still working!

9:25 AM: yay, comments! respond to comments. Put running clothes on.

9:30 AM: check weather. Still cool enough to run. Check facebook. Yay, ppl, Love me! Check blogs. read.

9:35 AM: talk to the husband about the crazy sleep cycles. See he still feels abused. Husbands really need sleep apparently.

9:45AM: See the husband off to work. The baby yells for me to come get him from the bedroom. Only once. Really loud.

9:46 AM: go in to see him happily playing with a stuffed animal.fetch him out. Deposit him on floor to play for a few more unattended minutes. Type the post.

9:50 AM: another shout for attention. The babe translates to my lap while I finish this post.

10:06 AM: get ready to go run.

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