Today Part 3, 10:12AM-5:10PM, 8/7/12

10:12AM-11-22AM: drive to run, run 2 miles, drive home.

11:22 AM: realize my shins hurt, find some frozen peas, sit down to nurse the lad, check facebook, blogs, email, etc, respons to comment love (yay!!) ice my shins,  and sit while the babe sleeps.

12:10PM: realize I’m hungry and really want to shower. Attempt to put baby down in his crib.

12:11PM: nap fail. Deposit Wompy on the floor and find some leftover restuarant pizza and a big glass of water for lunch.

12:38PM: the child expresses his distress with the current state of affairs. He is placed in his swing and happily sings while I throw in a load of laundry and shower.

12:55PM: 40 situps because I happened to see my stomach in the mirror.

1:03 PM: nap things gathered, bowl of cherries stolen from fridge for snacking purposes, and naptime is begun.

1:07PM: i amuse myself with too much iPad time, blog reading, and pinterest.

1:55PM: escape baby’s grasp, toss in another load of laundry.

2:00-3:10PM : read!!

3:15 PM: the babe wakes up. Diaper change and a little play.

3:30-4:45: grocery store! In our airconditionless car Ranger gets a little warm on hot on the way there he had his refrigerated teether ring…and on the way back I handed him chilled bottle of Cherry Coke purchased especially for that reason. It was a little funny handing soda to my 5 month old, but it worked great!

4:45-5: put away groceries, another nap for the lad and an icee/slush for me (my own concoction of ice, frozen pineapple, concentrated frozen pink lemonade and water blended together.) yum! :)

5:15PM: husband calls to say he’s coming home!

5:30PM: end of nap for now. Greet the husband, present with hid grocery trip surprise from Ranger: coffee ice cream.

5:30-6:30ish: make dinner, eat dinner.

6:30-8PM: Watch movie, have somewhat of a nap.

8-8:55PM: fool around, eat a snack, take care of an up the back masterpiece involving a new outfit for the babe and a new shirt for me.

9-9:35PM: put Ranger in the Johnny Jump Up. Put away last week’s laundry and hang today’s to dry while playing peekaboo with the munchkin.

9:40PM: ranger is eating. Israel is off to go run.

10:10PM: Israel is off for real. Ranger needs to sleep but will not.

10:20PM: i call israel for the apple password to update the Netflix app so I can watch a movie while I bounce the lad to sleep on the exercise ball as seems to be necessary.

11:11PM: after various failed attempts at laying the child in his crib, he seems to have finally given in to deep sleep and is in his crib. We will see how long that lasts. I will read or finish the movie until Israel gets back.

11:16PM: i’m calling it the end of this blog post. It was quite a day!

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