Today, today part 1 – 3:30AM-7:10 AM, 8/7/12

Yesterday I decided I would do an ‘a day in my life’ post. I thought it might be fun to do every now and then to compare, reminisce or be grateful for the difference. I had no idea my day would start at 5:45 today….that is quite unusual. But start it did and here we are.

So here it goes.

3:30-4:45 AM: The baby stirs, wakes up, and screams uncomfortably. I think he needs to burp so I attempt to burp him and feed him, while trying to prevent more random screams and listening to my husband’s middle-of-the-night groans (which I may or may not interpret as: “make him be quiet”, “why are you waking me up”, or “why aren’t you trying harder to let me sleep”. I’m still trying to decide if I will be extremely gracious and not mention it or just crankpot my way through the day….or some other alternative.)

4:45 AM:I finally give up and vacate the premises, tired of risking my head being chewed on by a semiconcious husband.

4:46 AM: Burp the child.

4:53 AM: Hear the child poop, decide to change his diaper and am unimpressed with the contents. There will be another in the near future.

4:58-5:30 ish: time gets a tad hazy along with the morning sky. The babe plays on the floor. I think abut going to run and decide being so tired would not help matters. Instead I heed the calls of the internet and end up browsing walmart clearance.

5:35 AM: child begins his second diaper. I dutifully change it and am thankful his bowels seemed to have cleared out and we should be able to attempt sleeping soon.

5:42 AM: I pour myself some cereal, dump some things on the floor, wish I wasn’t so blind (or had a pair of glasses), and begin putting the child back to sleep via breastfeeding. I am forced to exercise my ambidextrousity and eat with my left hand.

6:20 AM: I begin this post.

6:35 AM: The babe reaches sleep deep enough for us to indulge in a reclined position on the couch.

6:50 AM: Blog post is current and caught up.

6:51 AM: resume pointless ramblings in the interwebs while waiting for sleep to yell at my better judgement.

6:58 AM: think deep thoughts about going to bed earlier than 1:20AM.

6:59 AM: Decide not to give my husband a hard time…since…yes…I can control that.

7:00 AM: think about putting iPad away in hopes of sleeping for two more hours. Which might give me a total of 6 hrs.

7:01 AM: decide I should probably take a nap too…

7:04 AM: selfportrait


7:05 AM: look at pinterest, need to go shopping, think randomly about being more holy…look at facebook. Put ipad away (between the couch cushions) and attempt a nap/rest of my night’s rest.

5 thoughts on “Today, today part 1 – 3:30AM-7:10 AM, 8/7/12

  1. 6:58 – 7:04 LOL A tired brain is a wondrous thing. In these types of moments, I often comforted myself with the realization that it was common experience for responsible moms throughout the ages! You are not alone!


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