Five Minute Friday – Stretch

Linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday again. I’ve stopped giving myself the right to write only when so inspired by the chosen word since that’s kindof not the point. The point is to overcome writer’s block and write whether or not I feel so inspired. So join us! And share the love!


These days I find myself in the cliche. The effort to find the my own words to say is to much so I fall back on what others say. The trite. The thoughtless moments. But all things good in life come with a little growing to fit the new. A litte stretching. A little discomfort but a lot of gain.

We stretch our minds.  To learn new things. To know new things. To understand from a different perspective.

We stretch our hearts. To love ourselves. To love our friends. To love our family.

We stretch our souls and whole beings to know God.

We stretch out our hands to share. To touch. To hold.

We stretch our bodies to reach new goals.

We stretch for community.

We stretch for new life.

We stretch for each moment.

We cherish. We touch. We challenge. We love. We hold. We give.  We stretch. We improve. Make new. And make better.


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