Five Minute Friday – Join

Linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday again.


The first time I joined this crazy friday tradition, I wrote with little thought and reckless abandon. The words came easily and I was pleased with the results.

More recently my mind has been caught in the trap of perfection, self-consciousness and always saying something more worthwhile than my brain can form words on its own.

I’ve been in pursuit of numbers, comments, likes, and interweb approval.

But in the process I’ve lost sight of why I want to write.

Why this friday’s ramblings is important.

and why I started blogging in the first place.

With all my desire to say what God wants me to say and to be a light that can’t be hidden, I’ve blocked my own light in my trying and erring. I’ve silenced my voice in favor of one that could be heard with more favor by more people.

These last few weeks of friday challenge have left me with little to say.

Silenced and seemingly thoughtless.

But here I am one more time.


What I want to say.

We’ll see what happens.

Here’s to not thinking too much, to writing with freedom, and to not trying to be more than I am.

Writing, Joining, Sharing.

Being more who I am and less who I want to be.


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Join

  1. Hi! I am the person that wrote a post right after you. It is ironic that you wrote about the first time you participated in Five-Minute Friday, because today was the first time I participated in Five-Minute Friday!

    I loved the way your post is akin to poetry. Poetic, beautiful, and written in great prose. I mean to say that I like how you put spaces between each of your thoughts! I intend to follow your blog, and see what thoughts will come to you. I will pray that your writer’s block will come to an end! I think you are already there, though! Yay!


  2. “I’ve silenced my voice in favor of one that could be heard with more favor by more people.” Been here sister! It is such a journey to find our voices in writing. Some say write what people want to read. Others say write what you want to. for me it has become a combination of the two. somehow in writing what I most want to say, it becomes what someone needed to hear. sometimes profound and sometimes not. but it is all part of my story that is meant to be shared. be encouraged friend and know that your story is one to be shared too and that someone needs to hear it. Blessings!


  3. It seems like it should be easy to just write out our thoughts, but not so much. Good job sticking with *your* voice. The right followers will find you eventually! :)


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