Reading my way through my life

It’s interesting how for some people the silent activity of reading can be so revitalizing.

I am one of those people.

I remember once when I was younger (somewhere between the ages of 8-11? I don’t remember exactly) I was reading a book and I was so caught up in the story. My mom and everyone else had been outside weeding and working in the yard (I don’t know how I escaped!) . My mom finally walked in to the sound of the timer on the stove ringing and the smell of slightly burning food.

Somehow I had been so entranced in my book that I had missed the timer ringing! (Though I am under the faint impression that it had been ringing for nearly half an hour!) I wish I remembered what book I was reading! It must have been good.

From then until I graduated from highschool I read like a crazy thing. Not as much as my sister. But a lot still.

While I was in college I read very little for fun. My summers were taken up with work and my years were taken up with studying, homework, writing, reading assignments and visiting.

These days I read a little less, but recently I’ve picked up a few books of fiction and I’ve rediscovered the fun in getting lost in a good book. There is nothing like reading about other people’s lives to spice up your own.

At the beginning of this summer I had a list of books to read and instead of just taking those books off the list I’ve simply been adding more.

Such is the life of a reading addict. I think it may be a lifelong problem.

I wonder if there is a library in heaven?

So instead of telling you all here what I’ve read or reading or continually using my blog as a reminder of my reading aspirations, I’ve employed a minion for that purpose. It is called Goodreads. Have you heard of it? I thought so!

It is a marvelous thing :)

I currently have lists for what I’ve read (not a comprehensive list, more a smattering I remember or have been reminded of), what I am reading (I did not realize I was in the middle of nine books!) and what I want to read (too too many).

Books are a part of a lifetime’s education.

It’s too much fun!

If you would like, you are welcome to come follow me or friend me or just to check what my lists look like! I would love to hear what you have read recently or are enjoying currently!

Also I’ve added a Goodreads button at the bottom of my blog that will take you to my “currently reading” list!

Check it out!

tell me if you like it, if you’ll use it and what you’re reading?

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