The good, the bad, and the ugly: What I won’t miss about school


First day of school – 8/08

Somehow with the first week of college classes just kicking off I’m feeling oddly like I actually miss the whole thing, but at the same time so so glad I’m not there anymore. I suppose I just loved school too much and I should have endeavored better to hate it as did the rest of my peers, but alas, no such luck.

As I’ve driven by campus and run in the midst of the university-ites my nostalgic sensibilities have been schooling themselves in what it is like to be in the midst of the non-university beings. It is an interesting thing to be sure.

In order to quantify and qualify for the best of minds and just to remind myself why it is good to be done, here is the rundown or the let-down as it may be:

what I won’t miss:

  • The general attitude of superiority that exists among the schooled because of an overabundance of focus on grades, social status, proficiency in a given subject or percieved number of hours studied.
  • Constant deadlines for everything. Deadlines are nice til about march. Two months of deadlines is about enough.
  • Staying up to all hours to finish an assignment!
  • Getting up for that 7:30 class.
  • Sitting through night classes.
  • Being pregnant in desks made for twigs. (i.e. not fitting and having to get there early or asking people to rearrange so you can have the desk where the chair isn’t attached to the table.)
  • Being forcibly talked to by extraverts.
  • Avoiding people you know because your day has been packed full of drama and the reserves in your introverted tank are just about depleted. Yes. It does make you feel guilty.
  • Leaving the babe at home.
  • Missing time with my husband because I have homework.
  • Parking on game days or on days the school hosts random concerts that fill up all the parking so yiu’re 45 minutes late to your 90 minute class…lol. Yup. It happened.
  • The know-it-all, the snooty, the I-hate-people-who-ask-dumb-questions characters. Yeah. Cuz what’s more annoying? The question or the person who is consistently disrespectful to people they think are dumb?
  • Group projects.
  • Teachers who act more and more abused each time you’re late.
  • Buying textbooks.
  • Always being in a rush.

The list could probably go on, but I’ll stop there having convinced myself I did myself a good deed by being through with school.

What do I miss? Well, I can’t really think of too much specifically after that loong list of unmissed things, but I miss seeing people/friends regularly, always learning new things, learning about things that interest me from people who have so obviously studied their hearts out to get where they are, having a set schedule and different things to do within each portion of the schedule.

Mostly, I think the ‘missing’ I’m feeling is more just a sense of feeling a little adrift where I am right now. I’m still figuring out my place/schedule/motivation/direction for my life now.

I have all sorts of new goals and priorities to pursue and discover.

I love school. I will always be learning. But oh, it is good to be done. :)

Last day of school – 5/12

4 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the ugly: What I won’t miss about school

  1. So many of these things I don’t miss either… especially group projects. Who’s brilliant idea was it to lump hard workers with lazy bums? I almost always had to do all the work myself! =[


  2. Oh man, I am so with you on this one. I had a love/hate relationship with college too. I’m glad it’s over for me but there are some parts about it that were just awesome. I loved the structure of it that made me want to try my best in everything I did. I was constantly thinking and pushing myself. A lot like parenthood, eh? ;)


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