• Ranger just succesfully completed a horizontal dyno on the bed and landed on the cat. i think he’d count that a success in his i’ll-be-six-months-in-three-days mind. Lol. The cat was shocked.
  • Instead of snacking at 4:58 on the dot I should try to use that hunger as dinner making/planning motivation.
  • I used to live in this constant state of random thoughts so my blog was random list land. But somewhere along the way my random list maker broke. I still have those random thoughts, but they must be forgotten almost as soon as they are fruited, making it hard to list them.
  • I have this problem of not cleaning the kitchen until right before dinner when I inevitably have the need to BAKE ALL THE THINGS! and then don’t clean it til before dinner the next day. So my kitchen is clean for approximately 9 minutes everyday. :/
  • Today after going to the grocery store I parked in the driveway (my husband’s spot) because I didn’t feel like carrying the cat food and everything else in from the road. The cat food is still in the car. And my car is still in the driveway.

As you’ve probably noticed, my life is so exciting.

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