Five Minute Friday – Graceful

Linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday! Join us at her place for some fun!


When the urge to yell your opinions from the rooftops hits you, when you’re faced with people who you are convinced have it wrong, it’s hard to hold your peace.

It’s hard not to shout in an attempt to win them over.

Not to hit their opinions over the head with a figurative brick

Thoughtlessly alienating them and losing your place of influence in their lives.

It’s easy to say: “You’re wrong!”

It’s harder to fill those moments of strife with grace and be more like Christ.

The grace-filled way is not an easy way.

Where is the balance between graceful and letting yourself be walked on?

Where is the balance between respecting someone’s opinion and sharing your own?

That graceful line of Christ-like-ness is hard to walk.

But our God has our backs and as we wobble on our tiptoes through our graceless mess, He’s filling the space behind use with His grace and Mercy filled love.

And suddenly.

We’re a grace-filled graceful wobbler.

14 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Graceful

  1. Yep, I agree with everyone-going to have the words “grace-filled wobbler” tucked in my heart when I’m anything but graceful. Thank you for your reminder!

    And your site is beautiful, and full of great, envy-inducing posts!


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