Five Minute Friday – Focus

20120914-182543.jpg In the world of photography you have two different ways to focus.

You can use the auto focus button and let the camera choose what to focus on. Be it that leaf in the foreground you’d rather not see or a foot behind your subjects head emphasizing your cluttery background. This method may be fine for the simple picture. Where the frame’s main piece is front and center. It’s easy to push the focus button and have it turn out how you want it.

However when the composition is more cluttery and the subject is less clear, sometimes the manual focus is the way to go. You can choose the points to highlight. The leaves to ignore and the backgrounds to kill. You can highlight the slightest glimmer on a pool, or the smallest bit of pollen on a flower. The resulting picture is much more of complicated.

We have those same decisions in life. We can choose to use our auto focus and randomly see what is going on in our lives. Or we can manual focus our attention on all that is good and choosing carefully how we’re thinking about each thing we do.



Linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday! Join us at her place for some fun! 20120914-182728.jpg

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Focus

  1. Auto and manual focus–Good illustration. It takes focused energy to focus. And it takes time to survey the scene. Taking time to pause and survey and choose to focus on what is good is so important. It makes such a difference. I love the pictures too.


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