Big things in our future.

So the little man is making some major progress in his journey on becoming a human. I know I know. He has human status, but up til now he’s been an eating, noisy, floppy little monster of affection. :) don’t get me wrong that is quite lovely too.

But now.

We are going to have our work cut out for us.

Yesterday the boy began to say his consonants beginning with an ‘m’ (voiced bilabial nasal, in case you were wondering) and today moving on to a ‘b’ (voiced bilabial stop, yes, trust me. I know these things).

As if that wasn’t enough he has started shouting for attention. Yes, shouting. Really loud. Like he’s yelling at me that no daddy doesn’t need food, but I (the baby) really really need to jump up and down in your lap. Mhmm. I can see where this is going.

Pretty soon, the discipline will be brought out for realz. Ok, gradually, but still for realz. With a ‘z’. It’s that real.

Also, today. The monkey has proved he is capable of something other than rolling and backwards motion. Through an interesting combination of pulling on the rug, bending himself into a downward facing dog, and squeetching his toes forward, he is able to propel himself, in a manner that will soon become efficient, in the direction of anything he has set his heart on.

Today those directions led him to chew on daddy’s shoes, tip over the baby wipes, pick up his bink, play with the cat toy hanging from the doorway, chase the kitty slowly (the kitty is still finding it hard to believe the child can move so only bothers to run a couple inches at a time…he might soon learn to value his fur. We shall see) and play for about 20 minutes in his toy basket that has up to now been an non-existent entity in the corner.

Oh how the world is opening its doors to our little man!

And such a proud parent I am. I can’t help but think on all of the big things in our future.

Things like MIT.

And sub 15 5000s.

And baby gates.

Big things.

I also shared this at the Parent ‘Hood linkup that is happening weekly!

9 thoughts on “Big things in our future.

    1. I know! It’s crazy! And to top all the other pieces of knowledge off last night he started signing ‘please’. It was quite shocking to me! I’d been working on it for maybe a week? Babies are such good learners. Now if only he’d learn to sleep… :)


  1. I sooo remember this phase with my Bean! The world just literally opens up for them when they start moving. Have fun, Mama and take LOADS of video!!! Trust me, he and you will love watching it for hours on end. Thanks for linking up again, Erika! xo


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