That communication thing

As you have seen by my last few posts, the little guy is moving forward in leaps and bounds. Hopefully I’m not boring you with constant updates…but you know these are only the exciting parts of my life ;) so bear with me.
Right after I wrote the post yesterday detailing some of his newest accomplisments another was brought to my attention.

We were at a restuarant last night and Ranger was getting little pieces of french fries to eat (we, as his parents, deemed them edible.. But that’s a different story). At one point we noticed that Ranger was yelling at us for more french fry, but. There was one difference.
He was doing something funky with his hands and I realized he was signing the word for please! He was yelling because were oblivious to his attempts to communicate. We were impressed.

Now mind you, I’d been helping him say please for his water, for solid food, and to get out of his chair. Maybe 3 times a day. For less than a week. And I had helped him with it every time.

It might be usual for them to pick it up that quickly…but I did not expect it.

Anyway. Here’s a clip of his accomplishment. As you can see his attempt is a little garbled, but if you know what he’s doing he gets his point across. :)

I was motivated to teach him because he picked up a little gesture Israel and I were doing to amuse him ridiculously fast. And I was getting tired of him yelling at me when he needed something. :)

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