It’s Race T-shirt Monday! :)

It is now time for another race recap – The Women’s Fitness Celebration. I had a lot of fun. There was a huge crowd. It was a good atmosphere and my fan-section was topnotch :) As you can probably see from the pictures. The one at the top of the post was taken after the race when we were running back to the car.

I didn’t run much the week before this race since I was just easing out of my sore muscles (my IT bands) from my last race.

Sunday we sat around and enjoyed ourselves. And then monday-wednesday I ran a total of 4 miles. I planned to only take thursday off, but friday was not conducive for running (smoky/ doing to much) so I didn’t run and my legs were very well rested for Saturday’s 5k.

Friday evening speedy my younger sister spent the night so we could shuttle her about for the race. So we took advantage of her presence and left her in charge while we saw a movie (in my opinion, new bourne movie is excellent!) after which we found a cute little chocolate shop, indulged a little and came home to the pleasant sight of my baby very asleep in my sister’s arms.
It was the first time we had left the little one with someone besides my mom.

Anyway. Back to the race.

I actually got a decent night’s sleep! 7ish hours as opposed to the 3.5 hours lat week. It made such a difference in how I felt during the race!

Ranger and I were up at 7:20. We gathered our things, ate some cereal, woke up the daddy, and were out the door. Eventually. It took a while.

We wound our way around the closed roads and made it to the starting line about 10 minutes before our start time. I was a little stressed about not being there on time (combined with pre-race jitters!), but we made it in plenty of time.

They sent off the wheelchair division. Next were the elite runners…then us. The start was a little random since our wave started before we were supposed to, but no one stopped us so off we went. Lol.

The fast group of ladies that I have dreams of joining… :)

My sis and I spent the first half mile dodging around people until the course spread out a bit and dodging was less necessary.

We were surprised by my hubby and baby running along the road parallel to the race course. They had parked the car, bundled the baby, and come to take pictures of us while we ran. It was fun to see my husband running with the stroller near us and all the while taking pictures with his huge camera. Made me wish I had a camera to show you what it looked like.

After a few shots he picked up the pace and raced up the hill so he could set up another shot.

This race began with a very gradual uphill until the two mile where we had a major (to me) hill. Then it was basically flat until about 2.5 miles when we got to run downhill.

Here we are on the uphill. You can see how smoky it was from the wildfires nearby.

On that hill it made me happy to pass a few more people who had slowed down. I had decided before this race that I would not walk, but instead I’d go faster whenever I had that walking urge. I didn’t have quite enough energy to run faster, but I did manage to make myself power through to the very end.

My little fan :)

And again with us in the background…

There was a water station at the top of the hill. I grabbed a sip but kept running. It was about here I started to get more tired and I should have sent my sister on ahead and made her get a better time, but I didn’t quite think of it.

I forced myself to keep going quite a few times before the downhill, then we were on the downhill so of course it would be silly to walk there, and then we were along the finish line where it doubled back along the rest of the course so it would have been embarrassing to walk there. Lol.

So run I did.

I sent my sister off wishing I’d thought to do it sooner as I watched her fast self run away.

Near the end I saw my guys cheering and yelling “go, mommy!” and wished for the camera again.

Then I zeroed in on the clock at the finish line and decided I would not let it say 29:xx. I needed it to say 28:xx. I managed a short sprint and ran under the clock at 28:48.


According to the official times listed online, the clock was 20 seconds off.  So my time ended up being 28:28 for my 3.1 miles.

A much happier number.

And almost a minute faster than my 29:20 for 3.0 miles I ran three weeks earlier. with the stroller. with breather breaks every mile. with water. On flat ground.

It felt like a good improvement.

It wasn’t my best by a long shot (my 5K PR is 25:52 on a flat course), but it was good for my first post baby 5K and met my goal of being less than 30 minutes (though of course I was dreaming of a PR or less than 27 minutes…maybe next time!). I ended up getting 8th in my age group.

Now I want to sign up for more 5Ks. :)

Here’s another shot from after the race while running back to the car….we accidentally ran back on part of the special achiever’s course (a 1.2 mile short course for ppl who didn’t want to/couldn’t do the long one) and those people were a little upset that we had enough left to run after we had already finished…but ah well. Such is life. Lol. It would have taken 15 minutes longer to walk back to the car if we hadn’t run.

Somehow we missed getting a picture with Israel…but I’m pretty sure all the other ladies were jealous of my handsome runner man and our cute little baby bundle. Not to mention the fact that he’s fast. I love that man.

Anyway. Twas a good race and I will stop rambling. Cheerio and happy monday!

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