Five Minute Friday – Grasp



I find it hard to grasp my life.

The edges I thought were stable, square and firm.

Are actually a slippery mess of choices, nuance and the unknown.

Each day the path is there, but I get to choose

Which way I go.

I sigh. Look both ways. Pick up my feet. And choose.

Sometimes the choice is good and sometimes not so good.

Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking.

Sometimes I wonder how I got so blessed.

There are several concretes in my life that I can grasp without thinking too much: i love my husband. My husband loves me. I love my baby. My baby loves me. My parents are always there for me and so forth.
However even these things have slippery, challenging edges…forcing me to think hard.

The other and last and most important graspable, but intangible and hard to know, is that God loves more. And cares more.
Provides more.
Answers more.
Intervenes more.
Lives more with us.
Talks more with us.

Than we can ever imagine.

Or even attempt to grasp.

Linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday! Join us at her place for some fun!

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