Day 2: The name escapes me.


(This is a part of 31 days to Focus and Refresh a blog series my mom, sister and I are hosting as we spend 31 minutes a day improving our hearts, homes, and habits in the month of October.We would love your company!)


I made all three meals today!
That is an accomplishment. Believe me. Up until a month or so ago I was making one or two meals weekdays. I’d make dinner ( most of the time) and then breakfast rarely. But a little while back I started making Israel’s lunches every day as well in hopes of saving some money for future endeavors. So that made two meals a day (kinda…does peanut butter count?).

And then today I made:

Grits for breakfast. Yes. Boring I know. But it was a success with my southern man. :)
Lunch was at the park with my honey. We’ve started trying to meet up for lunch so Israel gets more time with Ranger in the day before Ranger’s early bedtime. It adds a lovely moment of family time and togetherness.

(These pictures are from friday’s lunch picnic.)
My vote is that tradition sticks around forever. :) Today we had (thanks to my abundance of time) chicken salad sandwiches (with spinach and almonds), yogurt, carrots, milk, and rices crispy treats (accomplished yesterday). We all enjoyed it.

(Ranger was so happy to get to see his daddy in the middle of the day!)

I am forcing myself to cook out of cookbooks this month (instead of pinterest, ya know?). So I made beef fajitas for dinner from the recipe in my mom’s cookbook. I had never made fajitas before, but thanks to the recipe these taste like restaurant food to me :)

Ok. Enough gloating in my abilities to not starve my husband…and on to the 31 minute venture.
Yesterday my day ended with a little too much stress as the child would not sleep til about 11ish (as opposed to 8…) and I was all worn out from my 31 minute project that took 2 hours. Lol.

So today I chose a more restful activity.

While letting my mind wander as it would I crocheted my way through 31 minutes. My husband will probably be glad I’m making some headway on the blanket I told him I’d make last year (because he liked Ranger’s new blanket so much!). Ah well.

It is fluffy and soft. And will be delightful whenever I finish it.

There it is before I added the two rows I got through today. It is rather wide so it takes awhile to add length. Sometime later this month when I’ve made some more visible progress I’ll share another picture. It was a nice relaxing thing to do today and allowed me to catch up with my thoughts a little.

I’ve found (during these two days without the internet at my every whim) my mind is so much more at peace. It’s so much more restful. I can think my own thoughts without the thoughts of others always butting in. And I can finish thinking my thoughts without interruption, more or less anyway.

And I can thoughtfully choose whose thoughts I wish to entertain in sequence with my own.
Today I chose one of the books off my pile of 50 gazillion inprogress books: The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson.
This books speaks wisdom and peace to this mother’s heart. It is lovely.

The chapter I was on talked about how a mother is a strong friend for their child. It talked about the importance of actually being present for your children and actually spending time (giving attention) with them. Some of the things mentioned in the chapter were: time and availability, acceptance and unconditional love, affirmation and encouragement, grace, and relational training. So far most of these things mostly come naturally with a baby. But I definitely saw I need to improve in these areas in relation with my husband. He needs my time, acceptance, affirmation and encouragement, and grace just as much as I need his. So I’m going to be working on that this month.

I also realized how much of my daily routine is centered on the internet and on myself. I read blogs that fall within my interests: running, writing, mothering. I pin the pins I want to do (though you should check out what my sister did today and definitely pin that! She’s so creative!). I present an image of myself on facebook. I read on things that interest me.

All of these things are fine and dandy, but if you’re not careful they can spur you on to more self absorbed living. What is/how to build my platform and network (even though I have trouble ‘finding time’ to cook and clean.) How to I get better at … (when I could be concerned with being a better wife and mother). What is my view on the egalitarian/complimentarian view of marriage (when I could just be paying attention to how my own marriage functions and how I could make it better).

Of course all of this is fine to do and pay attention to. I’ve just realized I spend more time in other people’s versions of their lives than I do improving mine in a tangible way. I spend more time finding ideas to make my house cute than I actually execute.

So this month will be good.

Off the internet and in my own world.

I will be reveling in the “it’s doable, I have time, and…it’s done!” cycle.

It is amazing how easy/simple it is to take care of my family when I’m off the internet. Though I still have many things I’d like to have done by the end of the day, I’m finding I’m more satisfied with what I have found time to do. It makes for a happier me, a happier baby, and a happier husband.


(And yes, for those of you wondering, I did spend more than 31 minutes on this post. I think I am not going to include the post writing time in my internet time. That way you don’t get stuck with half a picture and 27 words. And I can take a little time to see what the others have been up to and approve comments, add comments, etc.)

6 thoughts on “Day 2: The name escapes me.

  1. What a neat idea! I love how you have been more intentional with your time, and how you are learning to prioritize time with your husband and baby. I think this month is going to be a huge blessing to all of you!


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