The No-Cry Sleep Situation – Part 3


Initial assessment.
10 day assessment.

21 days ago we started using a book by Elizabeth Pantley called The No-Cry Sleep Solution . I did another assessment last night.

What I thought we did well/alright:

  • keeping the bedtime routine. I varied the length depending on how tired he was
  • we made his bedtime even earlier (usually 7:30 or 8. Last night was by far the earliest at 7PM.)
  • I started paying attention to his naps and naptime. We had been doing well with that. Though yesterday and the day before were bad nap days.


Improvement as quantified per instructions in the book:

  • number of naps: 2 good ones…some 20 minute ish ones. (initial: 3, 10 day: 3)
  • lengths of naps: 60 min (from initial: 10-90 min, 10day: 60-80 min)
  • time fell asleep: 7:00 PM (Initial: 9 PM, 10 day: 8:05 PM)
  • time woke up: 7:20 AM (Initial: 8:05 AM, 10 day: 7:20 AM)
  • longest span of sleep: 3 hrs 20 min (initial: 3 hrs 10 min, 10 day: 2 hrs)
  • average length of sleep span: 2 hrs (initial: 1 hr, 10 day: 1 hr 40 min)
  • number of awakenings: 6. Three of which he nursed for maybe 45 seconds, then turned his head and went back to sleep!! (Initial: 8, 10 day: 5)
  • total hrs of night sleep: 11 hr 40 min (initial: 9 1/2 hrs, 10 day: 9 3/4 hours)

Major successes:

  • he is much much easier to set down once asleep. I was even able to set him down once or twice at nap time. This is a major improvement hat makes bedtime sooo much easier.
  • last night he was just almost asleep when I set him down. He then fell asleep in his crib. Success!
  • I woke up more than he did last night.


What we’re going to work on this time:

  • Earlier bedtime. I want to try aiming for 7 PM since he did so well last night.
  • More consistent nap times.
  • start bedtime routine earlier.
  • Actually try to change how I’m putting him back to sleep at night (this will take the most work). Yeah, haven’t done that yet. I’m not sure it’s necessary yet. For now I’m going to try just not falling back asleep while he’s eating.
  • Put him down for a nap AS SOON AS he’s sleepy.


It’s nice to see all the little improvements along the way! I’ll probably be back with another update on the 13th.


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