Day 8: Packing it in.


Today’s focus was most definitely on packing and getting ready for a week of travel.

I was surprised by the amount of focus necessary to pack for a baby AND myself. Ranger was very kind this afternoon and napped a while on his own. So that was very helpful in my effort to pack mindfully.

When I pack for myself I tend to just overpack haphazardly. And it works, but that’s not so great times two and trying to fit all your stuff into the fewest bags possible in order to fly.

This time I actually thought through outfits for the both of us. And managed it in about the same space I would have if it’d just been my own clothes.

We’ll see if it works. If I manage some cute looks maybe I’ll turn the week into a style (my way = casual) week (since I’ll not have access to my home for project completing). We’ll see. :)

Basically that was my day. Just throw in a little running, grocery storing, eating, freezing extra tomatoes and peaches, and washing dishes/bodies/clothes.

My muscles are pleasantly tired and I can’t wait for our trip (though I’m a little apprehensive of how the babe will do. Hoping for the best!)


I’ve noticed this week how nice and relaxing it is to not have the option for facebook and otherwise. Not only am I gaining time for other productive things (more time is always great, then I feel less busy), I am also gaining time for my own thoughts.

Before, whenever I was sitting still, I’d be absorbing other people’s thoughts and opinions via the interblogs. Now when I’m sitting still (not reading books or just crocheting) I have the opportunity to just let myself think through my thoughts instead of leaving them in a muddled heap all the time. This has allowed me to write (I think) a little more cohesively and thoughtfully. Which in turn leaves me with well thought out thoughts in my head instead of that confusing jumble. This is much more restful and enjoyable for me.

It also makes it easier to keep my attitude positive and mood up. It’s great :)



(This is a part of 31 days to Focus and Refresh a blog series my mom, sister and I are hosting as we spend 31 minutes a day improving our hearts, homes, and habits in the month of October.We would love your company!)

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