Day 10: truth and relevance

Today I picked up a book called “Half the Church: Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women” by Carolyn Curtis James off of my mother-in-law’s shelf. I’d looked for this book at my library but they didn’t have it and I had to get something else.

So today when I saw it I knew that would be part of my reading material for the week.

It’s about women in the church. But not just first world privileged women. It has a global focus that is very important when thinking or talking about women’s roles and such.

I am only on the second chapter but I thought I’d share a couple quotes:

“We are so afraid to offend, so afraid of stark truth, that we write delicately, not honestly. Our smoothness glides over souls. It does not spur them to action, even though they be Christians to whom the thought of the glory of the Lord being given to another ought to be unendurable.”
– Amy Carmichael

“Our cloistered discussions about God’s purposes for women and the resulting infighting that ensues among us leave women elsewhere in the world scratching their heads. Blinded by the insulation of prosperity, we are at risk of transmitting a message as irrelevant and unworkable as Marie Antoinette’s solution for the starving masses: “Let them eat cake!” – a message that when sanctioned as “biblical” is cruelly beyond the reach of those with less.
– Carolyn Curtis James



(This is a part of 31 days to Focus and Refresh a blog series my mom, sister and I are hosting as we spend 31 minutes a day improving our hearts, homes, and habits in the month of October.We would love your company!)

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