Day 13: Epic finds!

Today Arianna was in charge of the schedule as our husbands were off being wedding photographers on a Saturday morning. We left soon after they did cramming 3 kiddos in the back of the car.
Our first stop was basically a huge yardsale (if anyone’s in Birmingham it’s called Kid’s Market). It is twice a year and lasts for two weeks. It is organized, run and stocked by moms in the area and today was the last day of the fall sale.

I scored big. Yup. Even though I spent about twice as much as I thought I would due to confusion about which tags were the half off variety, it was a major success.

Mainly because of these:




Yes…that’s some baby Auburn gear.

We had to have them. Israel ran on the cross country team for his first 4 years of school..and Israel’s mom is an Alum. So I was thrilled to find these cute things for Ranger.

Don’t tell Israel yet. He gets to find out tomorrow. I can’t wait.

Along with the Auburn clothes, Ranger scored two more jackets, three long-sleeve shirts and a pair of comfy warm pants.


We also found a carseat clip so Ranger’s seat will actually be secured (since we didn’t bring the base along) in the over-the-shoulder straps in the family’s cars here.

I made it out after spending 40 dollars. Probably a little more than I’d normally spend, but Ranger got a lot of useful things. Everything seems to be really good quality and very lightly worn. Not to mention finding Auburn stuff in Idaho is basically impossible…and we’ll probably keep the orange and blue for all our kids…

:) you know how it goes.

The rest of today was filled with girl talk (it is sooo nice to have someone else married into the same family as me :) i.e. I love my sister-in-law), park time (the playset had the awesomest cushiony base stuff!) a run for me (Thanks to Arianna), and some wild crazy evening antics as I juggled routines and times and moods of the three littlest relatives on their way to bed.

It was a fun day :)







Ranger is finally getting used to his crib here… :)

Sandra took this one :)


(This is a part of 31 days to Focus and Refresh a blog series my mom, sister and I are hosting as we spend 31 minutes a day improving our hearts, homes, and habits in the month of October.We would love your company!)

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